Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Little Boy, One Tremendous Spirit

In many ways, Brenden is a typical 11-year-old boy.

He plays baseball, loves to laugh and aspires to be a fireman when he grows up.

But there's one factor that distinguishes Brenden from other boys his age.

He is a cancer survivor...one who beat Hodgkins Lymphoma two years ago only to be rediagnosed with it in recent weeks.

He is a remarkably brave child, one who has already dealt with more life challenges than anyone his age - or even much older - should have to contend with.

Yet as courageous as Brenden is - as willing as he has been to undergo tests and surgeries, procedures that are frightening and harsh treatments that make him sick, exhausted and weak - he needs support and prayers. Lots of both.

Wherever you are reading this post, and in whatever language it may be appearing, I ask you to take a moment and think of Brenden.

Even if you are not a spiritual person, pray for his health, his strength and his recovery.

Pray for the strength of his parents, sister and extended family, as they try to provide comforting answers to his questions and allay his fears while their world is crumbling around them.

And pray for continued efforts to find cures for all forms of this horrific disease - particularly those that strike children.

It's hard enough for an adult to face a diagnosis of cancer and the chaos it causes. It's that much more difficult for a child.

So pray for Brenden...and all those, young or old, who are on a similar journey - that they be connected with skilled physicians, effective treatments and the many tangible and intangible types of support needed for recovery and continued wellness.


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