Friday, February 11, 2011

Swan's Confession is Not Enough

Carole Swan, Kennebec Journal file photo
Faced with evidence that included "audio recordings and visual observations of a $20,000 transaction and attempted $10,000 kickback" to her, Chelsea Board of Selectmen Chair Carole Swan reportedly confessed to "the attempted theft and of previous similar thefts from the town."

That's fine as far as the recent charges are concerned.

From the perspective of a Chelsea taxpayer, however, it is not enough.

The handful of transactions tied to the recent charges are but a few of the hundreds - perhaps thousands - that Swan has been involved with during her tenure on the board.

As is often the case with municipal malfeasance, however, these few may be just the "tip of the iceberg" in terms of Swan's potential body of work.

The Kennebec County Sheriff's Department is in the early stages of what could turn out to be a long and painstaking investigation.

As a partner in this investigation, Chelsea residents should authorize emergency funding for a forensic audit of the town's records, finances and transactions - particularly those in which Swan (and her husband's construction business, by extension) have been directly involved.

While such an audit would be a non-budgeted expense, the recapturing of any funds that may have been misallocated over the years would far offset the expense and return needed funds to their rightful owners - the taxpayers of Chelsea.


  1. As a former investigator, J.D. Begins's suggestion of a "forensic audit" is the way to go and I hope the investigators pick up on this.

  2. I heard she has agreed to testify against Marshall and her lawyer is going to have to step down because he can no longer represent them both if that happens.