Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bulldog Love

I share my bed each night with two females.

Before you get the wrong idea, let me explain. The first, Missy, is the woman I've been married to for the past 17 years. The second is my girlfriend. Her name is Ruby.

Some would say she's not much to look at - stout, "big boned" and hairy, with a flat nose and a serious underbite.

She also snores like a lumberjack and has a nasty habit of clearing rooms when she passes gas. And she's very needy, always craving to be touched and crying when she isn't.

All that aside, she has a proverbial "great personality" and is both loyal and friendly.

And Missy doesn't mind that Ruby shares our bed. In fact, she welcomes it. Ruby is, in fact, her girlfriend too.

Those with a strong connection to the breed can appreciate how this "dog" of a girl has endeared herself to our family during the past 6+ years.

I will not admit to being a "crazy bulldog person," but I can say with full assurity that my wife is certifiable. She is the reason Ruby joined our family.

Missy's repeated Internet searches for English Bulldogs eventually led her to New York breeders and eventual friends Marge and Dan Delano, who agreed to a "lay-away" payment plan for one of their five pups. They had named her "Trouble" because of her curiosity and activity among her siblings.

When they delivered her to Maine on their first visit to the Pine Tree State, I was surprised to see how sad they were that we were taking "Trouble" off their hands. I could not appreciate that the Delanos were "crazy bulldog people" too. More than six years later, I now can.

Like some breeds, sadly, bulldogs have a lifespan of eight to 11 years. That said, Ruby is now middle age, although she has mostly managed to keep her girlish figure. She also seems to nap more often...but it's hard to tell since that seems to be a bulldog's favorite pasttime.

It's difficult to imagine what our lives will be like without her some day, so we don't think about the eventuality and instead enjoy her and the time we have together.

Except now. Ruby just woke up and farted. Please excuse me while I open a window...


  1. John,
    Your Girlfriend's sister is my girlfriend, Cali...and I have to agree with everything you have said. Cali's middle name is "Diva" and it suits her well. We are so in love with Bulldogs we now have two. Romeo is our new bullie, he just turned 2. Cali says hi!
    Eric Vickery

  2. Great to hear from you, Eric. Loved the family Christmas pic. Missy is very jealous of your second bulldog acquisition. Please send a photo of Cali and her little brother. Best, J.