Friday, December 17, 2010

Four Trees at Christmas

I live in a house with children ages 7, 10 and 12, so it stands to reason that one Christmas tree is not enough. We have four.

Our trees vary in size and type - one real, three artificial - and each has a story.

The largest - and only real one of the bunch - resides in the upstairs den.

This is the family tree, the one with heirloom ornaments at the very top followed by - in descending order toward the trunk - those of lesser emotional importance.

Second in size is the artificial tree in the sunroom.

Given to us by Missy's parents when they downsized, it first served as the "overflow" tree for extra ornaments.

As our collection has grown, it now has a full complement.

The third tree is in Emma's room. An admirer of her sister's tiny tree, Emma wanted one of her own.

Recently purchased at Christmas Tree Shops, Em's tree reflects her simple, classy style.

The last and smallest of the trees is Grace's.

It is my favorite and the most endearing. It is the one that - in the nicest of ways - slaps you aside the head and says, "Hey! Pay attention! It's Christmas!"

Grace's tree is like Grace herself...full of bling, creativity and freespirited.

From the Bratz doll ornaments to the front display showing a Disney princess paying homage to a piece of quartz from Grace's visit to the Desert of Maine, it perfectly illustrates a child's excitement at Christmas.

I mean no disrespect to my French-Canadian heritage, but I've been to Lewiston, Maine at Christmas time and have seen many garish displays.

Though devoid of lights, Grace's tree has been "Frenched up" nicely and certainly could hold its own.

Last year, Grace unveiled her tree after covering it with doo-dads found in the deepest recesses of her bedroom. It was shown proudly beneath the light of a Barbie lamp.

Relocated to Jack's bedroom this year, Grace's tree has even inspired the children to find small stockings which they stuck to a nearby wall with Scotch tape.

They've been filling each other's stockings with small trinkets on a daily basis.

Ah, but alas, that's a story for another day...

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