Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dr. Zee's Festival of Lights

I don't know Darryl Zeleniak, but as Augusta's own Clark Griswold, I admire his work.

Through years of practice and careful planning, Dr. Zee - as he's known by patients and staff at his Augusta, Maine orthodontics practice - has become a master of synchronizing an impressive Christmas lighting display to music.

Those willing to brave the cold can stand outside his classic Federal-style office building at 132 State Street and watch a nightly show that runs from 4:40 to 9 p.m. until New Year's Day.

Those less hardy can park across the street and view it from the comfy confines of their vehicles. Dr. Zee added FM transmitters this year; just tune in to 88.5 FM and enjoy the show.

Missy and I took the kids to see the musical lights a few weeks ago, shortly after the show started running. Standing on the corner of State and Green streets, wearing a Santa hat and chatting with visitors admiring his work, was Dr. Zee himself.

Excited like a child opening presents - and probably quite relieved that the painstaking work was done and the technology was running without a glitch - he seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to share his holiday spirit with others.

If you're traveling through Augusta while making your final Christmas preparations, take a few minutes to watch Dr. Zee's Festival of Lights. It'll certainly be worth your time.

Can't check out the show in person? No worries. A YouTube clip produced by the Kennebec Journal's Joe Phelan provides a nice glimpse of the man and his holiday art.


  1. Nicely done (both J.D. and Doctor Zee).

    Another way to access the videos and more about the building is at his web site

  2. Thanks for the kind words; it means a lot to someone like me who suffers from Light Excess Disorder (LED). Especially glad the kids liked it. Was wondering if you (or anyone) noticed that it seems like more people have put up lights this year than have the last few years. I think we need a local (and national) mood boost. Merry Christmas!