Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christmas Don't: Inflatable Nativity

I like inflatable holiday displays. I like beautiful nativity scenes at Christmastime. But to the person who conceived the brilliant idea of combining the two, I have two words: "Bad idea!"

Let's face it, there are numerous examples where the secular and sacred sides of Christmas have been blended. If they're subtle enough, they may not even catch our attention.

The blow-up nativity, however, leaps over that fine line for me and screams Christmas commercialism.

Santa in a helicopter preparing to deliver presents...a fine idea for an inflatable. Santa and his rock band jamming "Jingle Bell Rock"...perfectly acceptable. Santa and two reindeer playing North Pole Hold 'Em...most creative one I've seen yet.
Mary, two shepherds and an upside-down sheep adoring the inflated Savior of the world, not so much.

Look, I like peanut butter and pickles - separately. Eating the two together brings an upset stomach.

As for the owners of the above nativity - which I photographed yesterday while driving through Augusta, Maine - I'd suggest adopting the phrase "go big or go home."

If you're going to show off an inflatable nativity, let's go all the way and make a key addition to next year's display - the three wise men arriving at the stable by hot air balloon.


  1. I am shocked -- SHOCKED! -- to find you questioning the aesthetic senses of people who own these things.

    But I agree. Go big or go home. There is no challenge in stealing a small one, and it's hard for rednecks to both steer and shoot the small ones with a BB gun through the passenger-side window of a pickup truck.

  2. Doug, I'm sorry to call you out like that. I didn't realize you had moved. I'll try to make it up with a tortiere pie dinner invitation next week. Hoping to get them made this weekend.