Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The View from Here

When compared to older, more established blogs, the October activity on Chelsea Stories may seem...well...downright puny.

Still, last night's traffic helped me reach the first of what I hope will be many milestones. Since I added the first post on Oct. 1, my various blog entries have been viewed more than 1,000 15 different countries!

For those who have read the posts, and have commented on them either on the blog or by e-mail, I thank you for the kind words, insight and constructive criticism.

And for the cynics among you - no, I have not be refreshing the page views over and over again to boost the numbers.

I've intentionally removed my views from the stats so I can get a more realistic idea of who's reading the posts, which ones they're reading more frequently and where said readers are located. I've been pleasantly surprised the see the diversity of the traffic and how people are coming to the blog - through Facebook, e-mail links, listings on blog directories on which I've registered and links from other websites that readers have kindly provided.

So thanks for the support you've shown...and keep your comments coming. And if you like what you've read and opt to share the blog with others, I'd be mighty obliged.

After all, I'm still looking to build a readership in Africa to go along with my European following!

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