Tuesday, October 5, 2010

'Tiny Mailman' Sells Popcorn

Fans of the movie Up will immediately recognize the cultural reference to Russell in this post's header.

Our own "tiny mailman" is a Wolf Cub in Augusta, Maine's Pack 603. Jack and his fellow Scouts are selling Trail's End popcorn to raise money for the Pack's planned overnight trip to the Boston Museum of Science in April. The money the kids raise also will be used to support their activities locally, as well as purchase the badges and awards they will earn this year.

For those accustomed to buying Girl Scout cookies (of which we're big fans!), the popcorn is more expensive per unit. The good thing, however, is that the Cub/Boy Scouts receive 35% from each sale vs. 17% for Girl Scouts. We can also vouch for the quality of the product, as the smiling boy in the photo happily illustrates. Jack's holding the microwavable popcorn - which is very good - but the variety we enjoyed the most was the chocolate caramel popcorn. Missy's product endorsement: "Best popcorn ever!" Kind of goes without saying that our family of five quickly devoured that purchase.

If you or someone close to you has benefitted from Scouting in the past, Jack and I hope you will consider supporting the current generation of Scouts by purchasing some popcorn to enjoy or give as gifts.

Ordering online is quick and easy! If you'd like to a place an order with the "tiny mailman" himself and get the scoop on which variety he recommends, please call Jack by Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 207-215-3320 or text us and he'll return your call.

Thanks for your support of Pack 603.

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