Friday, October 15, 2010

Salsa Time in Chelsea

It's salsa time at the Begin homestead - the food, not the dance - and this year's offering is "burn your face off, hot!" as Missy described it.

Two solid weekends of slicing and dicing followed by several late nights of canning have produced 18 quarts and 50-plus pints of "Damn! That's Hot Salsa!," the fresh, flavorful and often fierce delicacy I've been concocting for the last dozen years.

Perfect with tortilla chips, in soups, mixed into scrambled eggs or as a food additive to just about anything Missy and her fellow salsa-junkies can imagine, DTHS has become either a "labor of love" or a laborsome burden over the years because of the effort involved. I haven't determined which it is.

And for those who have become fans - or the adventurous types who enjoy salsa and want to try a spicy variety produced in Chelsea with locally-grown veggies - I have good news! This fab product is available for sale.

Yes...I know this post is blatant self promotion. And I probably should be ashamed for subjecting readers to a "sell" thinly veiled in the guise of a blog entry.

That said, orders can be placed by phone (207-215-3320), e-mail ( or by PayPal. Tell me your preference (pint for $5.50, quart for $8 + shipping - if you don't pick it up in person at our Chelsea store (a.k.a. "home) and I'll send a PayPal invoice your way.

Looking to "try before you buy?" Fair enough. Stop by the Chelsea School PTA Craft Fair on Saturday, Nov. 6 for a sample. The PTA has worked hard to coordinate this first-time event they hope will become an annual offering.

All money earned from the fair will be used to support teachers, students and activities at CES - and I'm pleased to participate in this great community event.

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